The Photo Booth Business is one of the fastest growing industries in 2019.  Just think about it.. I bet the last big event/wedding you attended had a photo booth!  If it didn't then it should have!  And why not let that person who charges 600$ per 3 hours be you??  This is the exact thought that I had when I started this business.  It brings me great joy to build Photo Booths that help other people also become entrepreneurs.  Becoming a Photo Booth Operator is the best kept secret.  People assume you need camera knowledge of DSLR settings and a big bulky setup with a computer / printer etc. 
When in reality all it takes is one of our iPad Photo Booths paired with your iPad (we fit all types) and you have a Photo Booth Business.   All of our Photo Booths are highly reviewed and quality control tested. 

Become an ENTREPRENEUR Today! 

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